User Guide


  • All our sintered diamond burs and discs are intended for laboratory use by qualified technicians. They are NOT intended for intra-oral use.
  • Always select the correct bur for the job, according to the shape, size, grit type and the material being processed.
  • Ensure that all turbines, handpieces and contra-angles are in perfect working condition.
  • Insert the instrument as deeply as possible and ensure that it is adequately gripped by the handpiece.
  • Bring the instrument to its recommended RPM before grinding the object.
  • Avoid using blunt, damaged, bent or non-concentric instruments. They may damage the handpiece/turbine and endanger the user.
  • After shaft assembly, center the cutting disc to achieve vibration-free work.
  • Use only top quality mandrels.
  • The recommended RPMs and the maximum allowed RPMs vary from product to product. Always consult the table below before using a Shahak instrument.
  • Maintain the recommended speed range to ensure the best working results.
  • Exceeding the maximum allowed RPMs constitutes a safety risk. The instrument may vibrate, the shaft may bend and/or the instrument may break.
  • Avoid applying excessive working pressure at all times. It may cause greater wear and tear, increase heat build up and in extreme cases even cause instrument breakage.
  • Wear protective glasses at all times. Improper use or material defects may cause mandrels, shafts or the processed component to break and fly up.
  • Always work in a well ventilated area.
  • Use a dust extraction system. Respiratory protection is also recommended.